Shikshan Sahay Yojana Gujarat Education Assistance

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Shikshan Sahay Yojana Gujarat Education Assistance Scheme 2023 Empowering Education in the State Education is the foundation of a prosperous society, and governments worldwide strive to ensure quality education for all. In India, the Gujarat government has taken a commendable step towards empowering education through the Shikshan Sahay Yojana. This initiative aims to provide financial support and resources to deserving students and teachers, fostering a conducive learning environment in schools across the state.

Shikshan Sahay Yojana Gujarat

99.99% of people are not aware of this scheme but there is a state government education assistance scheme for studies from class 1 to graduation in which the following are eligible for assistance.

  • Class 1 to 5 = 1800 rupees
  • Class 6 to 8 = 2400 rupees
  • Class 9 to 10 8000 rupees
  • Standard: 11, 12 = Rs 10,000
  • after class 12 22,000
    After graduation eligible to get assistance from Rs 37,000 to Rs 67,000, more information about this scheme is given at this link: Please spread the information of this scheme to all people with folded hands.

Shikshan Sahay Yojana Gujarat

Shikshan Sahay Yojana in Gujarat is a transformative initiative that recognizes the vital role of education in shaping the future of individuals and society as a whole. By providing financial support to deserving students and teachers, the scheme promotes equal opportunities, empowers the underprivileged, and fosters a conducive learning environment. With its focus on technology integration, teacher development, and scholarships, the Shikshan Sahay Yojana paves the way for a brighter future for the youth of Gujarat, ensuring that no deserving student is left behind.

Shikshan Sahay Yojana Gujarat Rules

  1. The benefit of this scheme will be available to the worker from the date of registration with the board as a construction worker. Construction worker identity card should be renewed three years from the date of registration.
  2. The construction worker has to apply in the prescribed format and within the prescribed time limit. Application has to be made within 3 months from admission in each academic year.
  3. Along with the application, proof of admission in that educational institution such as certificate of the principal of the institution or admit card has to be submitted.
  4. In respect of hostel admission, a certificate signed by the Rector/ Warden of the concerned hostel/ authorized person of the institution has to be produced.
  5. This assistance will be admissible only in respect of son/daughter of a construction worker and wife of a construction worker (age limit 30 years) who have taken admission in an educational institution/school/college recognized by the government.
  6. Only two dependent children of the construction worker and spouse of the construction worker (age limit 30 years) will be eligible for sufficient assistance.
  7. Construction children studying as external students from government recognized institutes/colleges will also be eligible for educational assistance as per existing norms.
  8. Children of construction workers studying in the National Institute of Open Schooling are also eligible for educational assistance.
  9. A student who fails once in that academic year/semester will be eligible for this assistance for the next year/semester for the same standard/class. Of course this assistance will be limited to one trial only. A second fail in the same standard/class will not be eligible for re-aid for the same standard/class.

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